Newsletter 2020 (1)

by Thomas Hoppenheit on January 12, 2020

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Dear Network Members,

We hope that you had a good start of the new year!

We would like to remind you that the deadline for the Call for Papers for the EASA conference 2020 in Lisbon is approaching and also send you some additional network info & updates.

EASA 2020 – Call for Papers

P116 The Future in Security: ethnographies of security at the edge of tomorrow [ASN]

Convenors: Mark Maguire (Maynooth University), Alexandra Schwell (AAU Klagenfurt), Monika Weissensteiner (University of Kent)
Discussant: David A. Westbrook

This Anthropology of Security Network (ASN) panel calls for anthropologists exploring the future in security to propose papers (with one-word titles) that are crafted to explain the term as used in their ethnographic field site.

P077 Securitized Education: critical perceptions on the entanglements between military, security and education [ASN/PACSA]

Convenors: Erella Grassiani (University of Amsterdam), Nir Gazit (Ruppin Academic Cente)

This panel seeks to demonstrate how military/security and educational domains are entangled in ways that promote militarization and securitization. By examining these entanglements critically, we aim to uncover processes that normalize the use of violence and military means within civil society.



  • The Biometric Border World. Technology, Bodies and Identities on the Move, 1st Edition, by Karen Fog Olwig, Kristina Grünenberg, Perle Møhl, Anja Simonsen (2019). Since the 1990s, biometric border control has attained key importance throughout Europe. Employing digital images of, for example, fingerprints, DNA, bones, faces or irises, biometric technologies use bodies to identify, categorize and regulate individuals’ cross-border movements. Based on innovative collaborative fieldwork, this book examines how biometrics are developed, put to use and negotiated in key European border sites […]. You can download the introduction here.
  •  Crime, Harm and Consumerism, 1st edition, edited by Steve Hall, Tereza Kuldova, Mark Horsley (2020). This book offers a collection of cutting-edge essays on the relationship between crime, harm and consumer culture.


  • ASN activity report 2019 online

Updates from network members

  • Several ASN-relevant events took place at the AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, 20-24 November 2019. For example, ASN and PACSA members participated in a roundtable on “Securitising Emotions, Emotionalising Security”, convened by Amalia Sa’ar (Haifa) and Jasmin Habib (Waterloo). Within the meeting’s overall theme “Changing Climates/Changer d’Air”, a lot of panels and presentations focused on human security, e.g. on food and water scarcity or climate change adaptation practices and policies with regards to security.

Please keep us informed of your panels, presentations, conference meetings and remember you can post them also on the network’s facebook page!

We hope to see you at EASA 2020 in Lisbon, in occasion of which also the next ASN network meeting will be hold.

Best wishes,
Alexandra Schwell, Tereza Kuldova, Monika Weissensteiner

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